Saturday, July 30, 2016

Over engineering with CQRS pattern

I don't understand the CQRS pattern and the hype about it. Technically I believe I think I understand why people think why they want to use it.

But really? Do we really need a complete pattern of explaining that I'm writing or reading to a source? Is reading code so hard that I have to "encapsulate" the specific behavior of writing something to a database? What's wrong with update/insert?

I think we're overdoing simple things which are NOT hard and going full blown nuts with technical "solutions" which are already solved. It's incredible over engineered for something simple and its doesn't hold or solve the "benefits" of the pattern. Problem as I see it is that one is trying to create encapsulated behavior but thing is that you can't encapsulate behavior only technical things which solves it.

Do I really have to say SaveXCommand? Isn't SaveX enough? Are we that stupid that we can't figure out what SaveX means? Are the problems people working with so simple that we can only divide the in a query or a command? Really? Why stacking a http post on a command? I already KNOW it's a post! Or even more unbelievable I've seen solutions using a post and a command at the same time by including the command in the URL! What the hell?

Why stopping at creating commands or queries for a supposedly database? Shouldn't we consider writing or reading to memory a command or query? Wrap every other memory access in a command instead of simply doing an assignment? Heck you might be writing to the disk shouldn't you be writing a command for that? Hell now Samsung and Intel releasing hard drives which are 100000 faster than the current SSDs. We might ending up with a lot more closer to doing memory swapping because it's cheaper and "memory" might end up in a database.

Not only that it seems like there's a lot of different ways of implementing it since there are no real clear rules about it apparently. I've seen people trying to implement it and it always ends in with them believing the other as an complete imbecile. Why is that and why the damn effort? Making a pipeline or a "bus" instead of treating a thread or task as such and work with them instead? The cqrs pattern creates incredibly polluted code with technical details all over the code base and it smells so bad I choke on it.

Imo it's trying to solve a problem which is already solved and stop doing that.

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