Monday, November 10, 2014

The meaning of pragmatic

On the net there are an abundance of advice how you should be doing this and that to actually be successful in delivering projects. You should be agile and develop agile systems but no idea on what agile code is (no it's not writing tests all over the place). You should adopt this or that work flow/process/mantra/technique/<insert the buzzword of the month here> and you should use <insert the programming language of the month here> and by using <insert the flavor of architecture of the month here>. Oh shut up and pick a language and use that. Swapping between languages for solving things is not a good thing. You don't see a lot of professors in several languages for a reason, its just too hard (of course there are a few which is good at it, but thats a few.). Problem is that it's very hard to define someone as really good at a language, how do you measure it?

And also that everyone is pragmatic by doing simple things in a simple way.
WTF...? If coding is simple and solving problems is simple why do we have a job and is a problem a problem if its simple? No wonder that things fails and code looks like shit. A newsflash for most people, if you code is simple like a CRUD, you just failed programming 101. There's no such thing as a free lunch, particular when writing code. There are frameworks which will make you life a bit easier but, most of the time they fall short. Also if you are coding you ALWAYS have to look at the big picture (yes TDD falls short here). If you don't you will end up with a piece of unmaintainable piece of crap code because it's content is just rubbish. It may look all "clean codeish" and dandy with tests and stuff but it will still be a piece of crap, and bug ridden.

Oh hell, I just wrote my own "advice" (read rant) on the net... So I'll give my opinion on what pragmatic means. Pragmatic is NOT: use small frameworks and simple code.
Pragmatic is: use frameworks that are known and write code which makes problem solving simple.

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