Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Microservices - a code problem solved by making it a CM problem.

Microservices is really a buzzword, as in "if you look up the word "buzzword" the explaination is "microservice"". It's a code encapsulation problem solved by making it a CM, which is really just another problem and really not a solution since CM cannot solve code problems since it's not what CM does. It's like saying that REST is a service and not a protocol, because if that's was true you wouldn't need any code implementing the service... eh resource exposer. It's like if you said "honey, could you take out the trash?" in Swahili but it really meant "the weather in north east will be rain" just because you said it in Swahili.

If any starts talking about REST is the shit for solving all your problems, or how you deal with versioning, be afraid... Very afraid.

P.S if anyone starts talks about API management with some product doing that, run... It's ok if you scream too D.S

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