Sunday, February 23, 2014

Software industry

There's something wrong in the software industry. To me it almost looks like when someone comes up with a new religion and there are several people coming up with ideas how to please the new deity. Schools or profets emerges trying to teach the "right" way of pleasing the deity, although in software industry it seems like original focus of deity has emerged into a second more profane deity, the "customer". A number of different rituals are cooked up to mask the fact that they are either not knowing what they are doing or add more scenery to the process to mystify their work or it's some combination of both. It almost looks like a scene from Monty Python's Life of Brian.

All these different "schamantic"(if we do it according to this process, the project will be a success) processes modeling seems to forget the underlying system. It's like if programming is not the issue while building software. Even TDD is not a guarantee that your project is a success and that's a process which at least have something to do with the code. None of the processes are really considering the system and how the system will react to those processes. I've seen Scrum based processes break down since the system doesn't adhere to the principals of Scrum, and no matter what you won't be able to fit in any sort of iterative process in those systems.

As an example is to have three components, A, B and C which depends on each other and a change is affecting all three systems. Now the quirk, system C only has one guy who knows how to code it. Add to it that there are several changes needed to be done at the same time, and things starts to break down. It almost looks like a thread deadlock.

Most of today's processes may it be lean or anything else, forgets the system and what it needs to function accordingly. It's pretty naive to believe that every part of a system could be developed according to some process which is applied throughout the whole development. The most scaring part is that the belief is that the more process buzz words you are using the better chances there are you are succeeding with your project. The system will act as any other employee and needs to be governed. And as human, we react differently to management as a system would.

I think there's a belief that management is ruling systems but it's just the opposite. The system, large and old enough will manage you and there's no way of dealing with that other the way the system is built. If you want system to be governed by an agile strategy, it has to be build as an agile system. But just because you build a system with agile methods it doesn't mean it will be an agile system.

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